Single and Content, Is That a Thing?!

“Are you okay? I was wondering if you felt some type of way when she announced she was engaged?”

“Oh wow, most of your friends are married or in a committed relationships. That doesn’t make you feel any type of way?”

These are the questions I have gotten since one of my best friends got engaged. Which is so funny to me because when she announced her engagement my first thoughts are I’m ready to turn up at this bachelorette party and wedding.

Actually, when the first question was asked I didn’t think twice about it. But when I was asked a second time it hit me, people believe that because you desire to be married but are single you can’t be truly happy and not be negatively effected by someone else getting married.

To be honest at one point in my life I would have been effected. Begging God to show me when my husband would come or why couldn’t the man I was dating at the time see I was worthy to be committed too.

But see over the last year and half I have been healing. Learning to see that my worth isn’t attached to a man, relationship status, or a ring. That I had my worth before I entered this world.

Yes, we all had our worth before entering this world. We have been conditioned by this world to attach our worth to external things like relationships, status, and money. But the Bible tells us that our worth was given to us by God.

Once I learned that my WHOLE life changed. I was set free from the bondage I was in from seeking my worth from this world. The thing about depending on anything but God to define your worth is that things change. The definition of success to the world changes. But God is constant. God’s definition of worth doesn’t change and he has already declared you are worthy.

As we enter wedding season, I pray over my sisters who are struggling with knowing their worth or that struggle with their current relationship status. Know that God loves you and if God has given you a desire He will fulfill it in His time. Don’t grow weary but stay faithful and know everything is working for your good( even if it doesn’t look like it yet).

I love y’all!!

If you have any prayer request please reach out. I would love to pray with you!

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