Who is in Your Corner?

Is a Saturday night and I’m laying on my couch drinking my peppermint green tea watching Being Mary Jane for the millionth time.

“Text Him”

So this is what we are doing tonight. Nope I’m good.

Starts scrolling phone.

“One text to say hi won’t hurt.”

I knew that one text would lead me down a path that I was not willing to go down anymore. So instead I text one my closest friends. “Sis, talk to me before I text this man.”

She responded immediately! She saved me from reopening a door i knew I had no business opening.

Accountability is important! And I don’t mean that fluff accountability. I mean where she can call you out and keep you from making a decision you may later regret. She can be 100% honest and it’s no hurt feelings because you know she has your best interest at your heart.

As we grow through life we need real friends. Not those that are just fun to hang out with. But those that will call you out on your mess but also be a shoulder to cry on. Those that check in with you on that business you keep talking about launching. A friend that will spare your temporary feelings to see you win in the long term.

So as you journey to become the woman God has purposed you to be make sure you are asking Him to connect you with the right women for your journey. God cares about every detail of your life, including your friends.

Do you have a friend or two that you can call when you need moral support? If not I encourage you to pray to ask God to connect you with some like minded women.

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