You Deserve It Too!

Hey girl! I know, I know last week I missed our weekly date, but life as a single mom and full time employee took over last week. But I’m back!

The year before I started a year of no dating I had decided to stop having sex. I was coming out of situationship that at that point had made me feel like I was an object more than anything. I was completely drained. Plus God had been telling me for over a year and a half to stop, but I didn’t. I didn’t stop before mainly because I didn’t want to due to the weight I gave sex in my romantic relationships.

So I was newly single single and really seeking God. In the first year of no sex I didn’t struggle at all because I had no temptation. I wasn’t tested because it was me and God, nobody was checking for your girl. It’s not like I wasn’t trying to date, but God literally hid me. So I accepted it and started getting free and learning me!

Fast forward to September 2018. I slipped up. I allowed someone in my past back into my space, even though I didn’t have peace about it. And there I was laying there feeling full of shame, regret, and disgust in myself. How could I not have sex for over a year and fall back so easily.

I sulked over this situation for weeks, which was way too long. And one day Donnie McClurkin came on the radio. The song reminded me we may fall but we have to get back up. We may slip up but we have to get back on track. We allow ourselves to forgive and give grace to others but don’t extend it to ourselves. Sis, you deserve it too! We all make mistakes. We all have slip ups and we deserve to give ourselves the same forgiveness and grace we extend others. We aren’t perfect, but we serve a perfect God. And if God can forgive me when I confess my sins and ask for forgiveness, then I need to do it for myself too.

What thing do you need to forgive yourself for? Take some time this week and process the situation and forgive yourself. And if you haven’t talked to God about it and asked for forgiveness do that first!

Forgiveness and grace, you deserve it too!

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