Journey With Me: 1 Year of No Dating

God, Why me?!?

This was my exact response as God told me to enter an intentional year of dating at the end of October. It was truly the last thing I wanted to hear. I was ready for my husband like 6 months ago.

As I got an attitude with God, I knew deep down that I wasn’t going to get out of this year. And the saying “Obedience is better than sacrifice” quickly entered my mind. So I said God, fine 1 year but after that I want a husband.

See, I just had an unintentional year of no dating. A year with zero, zip, nada prospects. Coming from someone who always stayed with at least 1 person to entertain this was hard. But during this year God showed me who I was to him, that my worth was in him and not man. God stripped me to help rebuild the best version of Alexandria. The version he imagined when he created me.

After a few moments, more like a day, I said God fine the next year is all about me and you. I sat down and created some goals for each month, because I needed my mind to be focused on improving me and not the fact I will spend the next year single yet again.

See when we shift our focus from just waiting on the promise to what can I do to improve myself in this time, it will go by quickly.

In these last almost 4 months I have joined a new church, started serving in church, building community with other like minded women, and spending more time with God. Truly seeking him and his heart.

I want to take you on this journey with me. I know everyday won’t be great, I have experienced some days where I had to shake the thoughts of loneliness and feeling like I was not enough. But what I know is that God will use this year of pruning to prepare me for every promise he has for me, which is much bigger than just getting married.

Have you ever been on a year of intentional no dating? I would love to hear your experience! Are you in this season now? Let’s talk about it!

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