True Life: I’m a Professional Quitter

My name is Alexandria Mann, and I am a professional quitter.

From a very young age I quit many activities I was involved in including dance, cheer, playing the violin, Girl Scouts. This habit of quitting when I was either over the excitement of something new or was not good after 1 day of doing it( this was the perfectionist in me) has followed me in adulthood. And this habit of quitting has done way more bad than good if I could be honest.

Today on my Facebook I posted this statement: When you are ready to quit ask yourself: Am I choosing to give up because it’s the right thing or because it seems like leaving would be easier?

Last year I really struggled with the idea of quitting my job. I have been with my company 5 years and in my current position I have not had the most pleasant experience. My job is very intense and can be fast paced which could lead to stress about meeting deadlines add on top of that a manager who is not the best and a understaffed department you can imagine my daily struggle. By June 2018 I had reached a place of what I thought was my breaking point and I was ready to throw up the deuces. I started looking for other jobs and weighing my options and one day in my quiet time God said didn’t you pray for this job? So you just going to quit because it’s not going how you thought it would?

So many times many of us quit something, whether a job, walking in purpose, or a relationship, at the first sign of it not going your way. I’m here to tell you (and myself) that giving up may not be the best answer.

I’m not saying it’s never right to quit, because sometimes it is. But what I am saying is are you making the decision to quit off emotions or have you consulted God? Emotions are fleeting and life changing decisions should not be made off emotions alone. The Word tells us that the plans the Lord has for us are good, so have you asked him is this part of the plan?

If you are like me and you are a professional quitter, today we will declare that we will be like our Heavenly Father and finish what we have started. And when we have the desire to quit we will turn to God first. The spirit of quitting is keeping some of us from experiencing the full promise if God in our life.

One of the goals of The King’s Daughter is to inspire you to live your best life. So today I encourage you to spend time with God and ask Him should you stay or quit. He will never steer you wrong.

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