The Key to Contentment

“God where is my husband?”

“God I’m tired of working so hard with no recognition at work.”

“God I’m tired of this season that I’m in.”

These are some of the things I have said to God in my quiet time over the last few months. As you can see from these statements, your girl was far from content. I was the complete opposite and I was becoming frustrated because it felt like God was just ignoring me. Like “Hey God, it’s me Alex!” And all I got back was crickets.

So one day I just asked God how can I be content. Like what is the secret to being content not just right now, but in every season. So as I sat quiet on my drive to work I was expecting a response and you know what I got…crickets again. Like God come on.

As my day and the week progressed I totally forgot I asked God that question. Until I sat in church on Saturday night. (Yes, on a Saturday night and if you are in Atlanta you should join us at The GO Downtown!)

That week we started a new sermon series and it was about being generous. As I sat in church my Pastor mentioned gratitude. And God said that’s the key. God is that you? Did I just hear God after what felt like weeks of no answer. I did! And he answered my prayer. The key to being content in any season is gratitude.

That seems simply enough. Be grateful for the life God has blessed with you. Cool, I got this.

Then I log onto Instagram and another college classmate has announced their engagement or pregnancy. In this moment I was not thinking about gratitude. All that consumed my mind was God I can’t wait for this moment. But I didn’t want that to be my thought anymore. Yes I want to be married one day but I am grateful for the life I have now. God has truly blessed me.

So it got me to thinking. How can I make this practical? How can I express gratitude. So here are the two things I have started doing to help me have a gratitude mindset.

1. Every morning I start to thank God for the basic things. Like thank you God for lights, waking me up, working limbs, running clean water, a house, a car, clothes, a job, and etc. This has truly helped me to be grateful for things I may normally take for granted.

2. Every night I write down one thing that happened that day that I am grateful for in my journal.

The biggest thing about changing your mindset is being intentional and knowing it won’t happen over night but through capturing every thought as the Bible says.

Are you content in your current season?

If so share some tips on how you achieved being content? Are you struggling like me? Well let’s be accountability partners. We can conquer discontentment! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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