What’s Love Got To Do With It?

I was on a prayer walk today and I was asking God why I seem not to be able to cut off this ex. I was telling God I really love him even though we have cut romantic ties and are attempting to be friends. I know this friendship is a slippery slope and I am ready to be able to just let go of everything. The friendship is just a way got us to still have access to one another and not because we are actually friends, so it’s time to let that go.

Then God said to me “What does love have to do with it? Just because you love someone or something doesn’t mean it needs a place in your life.”

I literally stopped dead in my tracks. God was right! Well when isn’t he right? Lol But what did love have to do with it?

Nothing. I was using love as an excuse to not move. To stay in a place I no longer wanted to be but I told myself because of love I needed to stay here. When actuality all I need is Jesus and water lol.

It got me to thinking what and who else was still in my life just because of love? I was using love as an excuse and that is not love. Was I still in a friendship with people because of love? Or staying at my job? And the more I thought of different things I realized the things I felt that needed to be removed I no longer really loved, I use to love them but I out grew them.

As a society we almost feel like it’s crazy to out grow people and things that no longer meet the needs of our life. Everybody is screaming “these are my day ones.” And yes it’s nice to have long healthy relationships, but it’s okay if you have outgrown that friend from 3rd grade or high school. People change and it’s okay. It doesn’t mean that you don’t like them or value them, they just no longer have a place in your life.

Until we realize that it is okay to walk away from people and things that no longer fit in the life that God is leading us in, we will always experience unnecessary pain. The pain will come when God has to remove these things and people from our life, which is never fun.

So what are you holding on to because of love?

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