Are You Settling For Better?

Do you want to know the secret to getting the best in life?!? You have to pass up better. Simple enough right? Seems like a simple enough concept, you are probably thinking I can do that. But trust me it is harder than what it seems.

If you are anything like me you have been through your fair share of ups and downs. So much so that when something decent comes around you jump on it. Rather it be a relationship, job, or just any opportunity. Because something is better than nothing right? Wrong.

God did not create you and give you a purpose on Earth to settle for anything mediocre. He desires for you have to the absolute best. His best. But to get to that best we have to not settle. This reminds of the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She did not settle when the first two porridges or beds weren’t the best for her. She kept seeking and she got the best. That should be all of our mentality when it comes to every opportunity in life.

Say this with me: I was not created to settle. Now I challenge you to say that everyday until you truly believe it. Settling is a choice you make when you don’t either trust God will fulfill His promise to you or that you don’t deserve God’s best. Both of those are lies from the enemy. God will always fulfill His promises, the question is do you have the patience and discipline to wait on Him? And to be honest none of us deserve the goodness that God shows us because we all fall short, but that is why we are thankful for his grace and mercy. God sees us as his children and will always give us the best gifts.

God will fulfill his promises for you! But are you ready to pass up better to get His best?

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